Apple Launched Apple Smart Water Bottle, Features, Price Information 2022

Apple Smart Water Bottle? So recently the Apple company has launched a water bottle of its own.

This water bottle is not like a normal bottle, many special things have been installed in it. In today’s article, we are going to discuss about this Apple Water Bottle, so let’s know.

You will get to see many features in Apple Smart Water Bottle i.e. this water bottle is completely digital.

The price of this water bottle can be around Rs 4600 or more in India. The name of this water bottle is HidrateSpark.

This water bottle will be available in the US market as of now, it has not been launched in India yet and its price in USA is $ 59.95.

You will also find it on Apple’s website or retail store.

Apple Smart Water Bottle Features

  1. It has many amazing features, it has a light at the bottom which reminds you to drink water all the time.
  2. It also shows the temperature of the water.
  3. The weight of this water bottle is 910 grams.
  4. In this your water can stay cold for 24 hours.
  5. However, whatever data this bottle contains can be viewed in the HidrateSpark App, which will sync with your Apple Health data.
  6. Like the iPhones, the HidrateSpark also comes in two variants; The price of HidrateSpark Pro is $59.95 (₹4600) and the price of HidrateSpark Pro STEEL is $79.95 (₹6,126).
  7. The HidrateSpark Pro STEEL is sold in two colors – Silver and Black. It has an LED sensor at the bottom that senses water intake and alerts Apple Health via a Bluetooth connection. The HidrateSpark Pro comes in black and green colors and with similar specifications.

Apple Water Bottle Name-

The name of Apple Smart Water Bottle is HidrateSpark.

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My Final Thought-Apple Smart Water bottle

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