How to do mobile recharge on Flipkart in 2022

How to do mobile recharge on Flipkart?As friends, all of you must be aware that at this time many applications have been available inside the market to recharge smartphones.

By using it there is a chance to get some feedback on mobile recharge. For example, Amazon and Paytm and Philipcard, Movie Quick, Free Recharge, Phone Pay and Google Pay, along with this you can also recharge by creating an account within Data New Apps.

And at the earlier time, getting mobile recharge, DTH recharge or bill payment, all these works had to be done offline.

But at this time of today, you can do all these things online only. Apart from this, you can also recharge without internet feature phone with the help of RBI’s new service up123pay.

In This post we are going to tell you about recharge through philip card. And in today’s post we will know how to recharge through Flipkart Super Coins.

Because of which you can get a good discount on every recharge, as you must be aware that Philipcard is an e-commerce company.

From where any item can be ordered from mobile, electronic gadget and clothes to ration card. But still many people are unaware of this. That’s how to recharge by Flipkart. So let’s get to know this process.

How to Recharge From Flipkart in the Proper way-

To recharge mobile from flipkart, first you need to have flip card application installed inside your smartphone.

Even if you do not have the application installed. So you can download it with the help of the Google Play Store.

And who is an iOS user. He can download it from App Store. And you already have it. So it’s not a problem. Just update its app to the latest version like this, that is enough.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open the Flipkart app. Then you get to see a new page. In which you get to see many options.

Such as shop, super coins, credit, and game zone Jackson is available for you to see. Out of this, you have to click on the super coin earring option.

Step 2: After this, you get the first number ie an option of recharge above. And you don’t get to see this option.

Then you can also do mobile recharge from Flipkart using another method. For this you have to go to the satsang center with your product hotel.

Now above you get an option called super partner apps. On which you have to click. After this you have to click on recharge now.

Step 3: After this, the mobile recharge please open in front of you. Now you will get the details of your mobile number such as your mobile number along with which operator’s network you have? With this, you have to enter your circle.

Step 4: We will give you the last amount in the box that you want to recharge. That number has to be entered.

Otherwise, you have to click on the check plans given next to it. Through which you can find the best recharge plan for your mobile.

Step 5: After this, as soon as you have selected a good plane, after that you get an option of recharge now.

You will have to click on it, after that you have to click on the proceed to payment summary.

Step 6 : And Who Is Super Inside Your Flipkart? Not Available. So directly you guys can proceed to pay.

Now you get to see many options to pay for recharge. For example, the option of UPI, cute card and credit card and net banking is also available to see. Which of these methods you want to recharge. He has to be selected.

Friends, if you guys know something like UPI method, then after entering your UPI ID, you have to click on continue to pay and then you will have to enter UP Apn also, you people pay by Jhag card or Credit card.

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So you have to enter debit card credit card details like card number and expiry date and CVV and then you have to click on continue to pay, after that an OTP comes on your mobile number.

As soon as you guys have to submit such OTP after inter. After that your recharge gets done successfully from Flipkart.

How to recharge with Flipkart super coins-

Whenever someone orders goods from Flipkart. So when shopping, he gets some super coin.

Which can be used in the next shopping order or for recharging. Apart from these, there is also a discount on the above product.

But do you know what? That mobile recharge can also be done through Flipkart SuperCoins.

And you can also get some discount. Let us first learn about recharging through Flipkart Super Coins.

Step 1: As we have told you above. How to do mobile recharge. So first of all re-open the page which you had opened.

Step 2: Friends, by following the above steps, you can recharge as much as you want after entering your mobile number and operator and circle, amount.

Step 3: After this you get an option of proceed to pay summary. By clicking on it, here comes the check box of Super Coins.

If SuperCoins is available inside your Philips Card account. So you tick that check box.

Because after clicking on it, you also get a discount of some money from the recharge amount.

If you guys recharge less amount then you can recharge for free with the help of supercoins, after that you can pay with UPI offer credit card and debit card only after proceed to pay.

My final thought-How to do mobile recharge on Flipkart

if you read this post till now then you have got all information about How to do mobile recharge on Flipkart and also got How to recharge with Flipkart super coins.

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