[Super fast]How to Share APK Files Via Whatsapp in 2022

How to share APK files via WhatsApp?In this time most of the people know about WhatsApp.

and in this time if you asking about WhatsApp from a child whose age is 5 years then they would tell you about WhatsApp in ringht way.

But along this WhatsApp is very useful messenger to chat with someone, send any video photo and document in very simple way.

So Whatsapp is one of the best and most popular app in this time, and not only this time rather more than 10 years.

But my question is that if you want to send text, images, and videos to someone then you can send these easily but when the things to send any apps through the WhatsApp then most of the people are not able to send any Apk file thought the whatsapp.

Because most of the persons do not know how to send any apps on the whatsapp and if you are one of them then this article is very helpful to you.

In this post i am going to tell you how you can share any App file through the Whatsapp in a simple way.

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so without any further delay lets get start..

How to Share Apk Files via Whatsapp-

In this Post I will tell you about two ways to Share any App File through the WhatsApp, By the use one of the way you can share any App file Games, and any other file on the whatsapp.

So lets see the ways and apply them.

First Method-How to share any App on the Whatsapp

  • First of all Go to the file manages file option in your mobile phone.
  • After that select that one file which one you want to share.
  • After to do all this, click on the Share button and click on the Whatsapp.
  • When you select whatsapp option to send that one file to share it will be redirected to the your Whatapp massanger.
  • To do this all you can select that contact which one you want to share APK File.
  • after that File will be start to send.

Method 2- How to Share any App on Whatsapp

Now lets move on the seccond method to share any Apk File through the WhatsApp, So to do this you can follow all steps which one i will tell you-

  • First you have to go on your File manager.
  • After that you have to click that file which one you want to share.
  • then select the edit option and write the doc instead of Apk.
  • To do this all, click on the Send Option and send file which one you want to send.
  • when the file is send then ask for that person to edit that file and rename APK insted of Doc.
  • after doing this that file can be inslled easily.

BY the use of this two method you can share and Recieved any Apps on the whatsapp and run perfectly.

MY Final thought-How to share Apk Files via WhatsApp

If you read this post till here then you can get all the information about how to share Apk Files via WhatsApp.

Also you must get how to send any games through WhatsApp, If you learned something valuable from this post then you can share this post with yo friends and family.

I am very thankful to you to read this post.

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